Exhibition #refugium

KISD – Köln International School of Design, an institute of TH Köln, participated on October 24 at the 16th Museumsnacht Köln 2015 (Museums’ Night Cologne 2015). 

To this occasion, the project group and me contributed to the 2015 event by an exhibition on the ongoing topic and debated on Europe’s and Germany’s role in the so called refugee crisis. We finalized the project as a midterm project at KISD in about two month. 

Entitled “#refugium“, we presented our approaches and perspectives, showed 11 exhibits, 11 problem issues and opened questions for students and public visitors on how to deal with the topics of escape, war, home, arrival, foreignness, and the terminology of crisis, difficulty, and chance. 

We provided hereby information on existing initiatives for help, discussed Cologne’s potential role as place of refuge for refugees, and opened our doors for reflection, exchange, and discourse on October 24, 2015. Visitors were cordially invited to share our “#refugium“ topic with others, to discuss it and the exhibition with visitors and activated – to exchange and dialog. 

Museums Nacht Köln 2015

ROLE  Contemporary Curating / Exhibition Design / Research / Communication Design

FIELD OF EXPERTISE  Institutional and international Networking / Exhibition Design / Installation Design / Construction

KEYWORDS  Light / Storytelling / Visuals / Installation / Communication / Eventplanning and organisation

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