audio visual installation

Perception of Perspective” is a spatial audio-visual installation, which investigates how we interact with, experience and sense space on the physical and mental dimensions. During her second academic year of the Master of European Design at Aalto University in Helsinki, Carolin Schabbing explored how we find ourselves interchanging between many different realities and spaces in the intersections of the natural and digital world. Switching between the many on-and offline spaces we create for ourselves is overwhelming. Demanding our presence to be in several places at once becomes stressful and can prove damaging to our well-being. It is most essential that we take a step back to reflect on the realities that we create for ourselves and also take the time to detract from them. We need moments in which we rest in one place, where we give our inner self-consciousness the time to wander, process, and connect with our thoughts and experiences. Examining how we understand space on different levels, she explores the physical space, the space of interaction, and the space of our mindset. Binaural sounds based on ASMR and visuals from a macro perspective of everyday materials were developed to create a unique spatial audio-visual experience. The experience encourages one to fully immerse in the immediate reality created for them, encouraging a moment of mindful relaxation through the sensorial elements of the installation.


ROLE Installation Design / Research / Communication Design

SOFTWARE  Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro

HARDWARE Canon 5D Mark IV , Canon Lense 85 prime 1,8 EF / Canon Lense 100 macro 1,8/2,8 EF / Zhiyon Crane Gimble / Steadycam Merlin

FIELD OF EXPERTISE Installation Design / Motion / Binaural sounds 

KEYWORDS  Light / Storytelling / Visuals / Installation / Communication / Motion / ASMR

MEDIA Video | Photography Carolin Schabbing

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