The unexpected

innovative light material study

Light and Shadow (2017) – an international exchange project was a collaboration in innovative lighting design between KISD and Pasadena ArtCenter College of Design, California.

Supervisiors: Prof. Nina Juric, Prof. Wolfgang Laubersheimer, Penny Herscovitch and Dan Gottlieb.

How can light create space? What does it take to create space with light? Light can be transformed, directed and can create optical illusions.


The lenticular technique is a high-resolution process. It is mainly used in the field of printing images. Here it enables visual effects, such as 3D representations (depth effect), (autostereoscopy) or animated images. In the context of this work, I wanted to analyze the material in more detail and find out how its properties can be used in combination with light in new contexts. It is important for designers to use different materials in a conscious and purposeful way. It becomes interesting when materials are taken out of their original environments, rethought, and possibly repurposed. In many fields, material studies are conducted for this reason, representing an initial but important aspect within an entire process. Taking an experimental approach, I chose artificial light as a medium in the form of the light-emitting diode LED and its properties to explore the lenticular sheet. To what extent the material can be exploited is the subject of this work. The aim is to find out whether the lens itself, the lenticular sheet, can be used across departments. Experimentally, shapes, patterns and structures will be connected, which are created with artificial point light sources. Different lenticular foils from the company dp-Lenticular will be used. Several test series are necessary to optimize the combinations of material and pattern parameters.

ROLE Light Design, Material Study

SOFTWARE  Adobe Premiere Pro

HARDWARE Lenticular Sheets, LEDs, Arduino

FIELD OF EXPERTISE  Material Study / Experimental Visual Communication / Light Design

KEYWORDS Material Study / Light Design / Visuals / Animation / Experimentation / Light Graphic Design / Communication

MEDIA Video | Photography  Carolin Schabbing

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