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ETV-Textilveredlung is a medium-sized company that has been firmly anchored within the textile finishing industry in the Münsterland region of North Rhine-Westphalia since 1950. The new corporate philosophy and the ambition to offer future-oriented sustainable textile finishing led the company management in 2020 to give the visual appearance of the company a new expression.

With the new web presence of ETV-Textilveredlung, the company can now present itself to the German as well as the European market.

The focus of the entire design process was the customer. From the question of which services are offered, to insights into sustainable and future-oriented production, to various social media marketing goals. User experience, implementation possibilities with a CMS system and a clear, simple design were taken into account

We choose the iterative process of Design Thinking as Method to gain insights of the structures, system, and services of the company to create a whole future perspective for the company’s goal.
During the process we applied different techniques to create an overview of NEEDs, WANTs and PAINPOINTS

Techniques we used:
– Workshop with employees
– User Journey Maps
– Persona
– Change Story
– Brainstorming
– Business Compass

Logo | Corporate design

In addition to the platform, an appealing corporate design was also to be created that communicates the company’s philosophy and mission in both digital and printed visuals. The original identity of the company was to be preserved, but a completely new logo design was to be created.

The logo is based on the former company name of the founding family Eing as well as on the company’s services.

In addition to a new logo, new business stationery was to be designed, including business cards and letterheads. In the design I focused on graphic elements and colors, which should make the textile finishing as well as the goal of sustainable textile finishing and production visible.

    Personal engagement in this project:

  • Pre-Work
    Design Vision & Concept
  • UX
  • UI
    Visual Concept
    UI Elements
    Art Direction
    Visual Design
    Interaction & Animation

ROLE Designer

FIELD OF EXPERTISE Web Design / Corporate Design

KEYWORDS  Storytelling / Visual Design / Communication / Organisation / Projectmanagement

CORPORATE IDENTITY | MARKETING  by Theresa Holtkamp | Carolin Schabbing


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