critical future of food

The world is changing. Pollution, global warming and the rising level of the sea has taken away many arable lands, making food impossible to grow. The peaking of the global population grows present unprecedented challenges for human civilization which is near to the destruction of the foundations of global industrial economy and culture. Understanding of how these two problems might interact to generate quite different futures, is still at an early stage.



Ink is a small and portable 3D printer for food that is able to provide all the needed nutrients for the human body, in a world where the resources are limited, and there is no space to grow food.

It’s made by a white and clean external shell that contains inside two different cans – one for the water and one for the food powder – and a pink body in which the two elements are mixed together to create and print the desired sheet of food. Ink allows the user to customize and check their own food powder; thanks to the App is connected to stores and public vending machines, so everyone is free to decide where to pick up the ordered customized food powder.

The round and clean shape is comfortable for handling, it’s easy to carry thanks to the small size and its light weight. 

In this project, my team and I created in a four week course in the product and development Master class 2018 the concept for the critical future vision; we divided the workload to visualize the scenario. In this project, I took responsibility for creating the space and set up for the film, shooting the footage and finalizing the video. As well as rendering the images for the prototype of the 3D printer for food for the poster of our presentation.  The link on page 25 will show the video.

ROLE Speculative Design, Critical Future Design Product Design

SOFTWARE  Blender, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro

FIELD OF EXPERTISE   Critical Future Driven Concept Design

KEYWORDS Product Render / Visuals / Animation / Graphic Design / Communication / Product Design

MEDIA Video | Photography Carolin Schabbing

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