genreative drawing tool

creative coding

The open-source software „Open Frameworks“ and generative design allowed me to get into creative coding and generate this digital drawing tool.

How it works

Simple line drawings can be created on the screen during the entire physical interaction. The user can make settings via the implemented interface, which can be found in the digital paper’s upper left corner. It gives the user the freedom to create a customized brush. Two colors can be set, and the distance between the virtually connected points on the screen can be adjusted. The net that accrues determines the width of the brush.  A built-in sound can be controlled in its volume and also in the speed of playback.

Additionally, it offers simple interactions via the keyboard. By pressing the h key, the interface can be switched on and off. The backspace key cleans the screen from previously painted lines. The spacebar allows one to scale the tool to the full-screen size.


This concept is meant to go back to a time when art and craft were still a process of purely physical interaction. Nowadays, in the „post-digital“ era, everyone has access to all kinds of art, design, and visual material that is reproduced continuously and changeable, stored, and duplicated. In this situation, the creator is only able to create and remember the produced artifact. As in many museums and exhibitions today, people possibly take a picture of the screen with their phone to show and share where they were and what they did. As soon as the creator leaves the screen, the drawing is gone and replaced by a new ephemeral painting.

ROLE  Generative Design

SOFTWARE  Open Frameworks

FIELD OF EXPERTISE Visual Communication / Creative Coding

KEYWORDS Visuals / Animation / Experimentation / Generative Graphic Design / Communication / Creative Coding Application

MEDIA Carolin Schabbing

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